The meeting of the project management team (PMT) was held via Zoom conference call on the 23th of November 2020.

Members of the PMT of each partner participated, as well as representatives of the external project management company selected.

Issue to be discussed

1. Presentation of the updates regarding the preparation of the training program – opinion of the representatives of PP2, PP3 and PP4 for the viability of the zoom format for future joint activities related to the training program

Following the Zoom Call, held on the 12th of November 2020, the representatives of PP2, PP3 and PP4 agreed that working on the training program via Zoom is a workable solution for the moment. Thus, it has been decided that the expert from PP2 shall prepare a preliminary draft of the training program that shall be sent to the rest of the partners for review and update

2. Discussion of the present project implementation activities and updated regarding the procurement of the training tower by PP3

The PP3 assured the partners that they have found a new supplier, that shall provide the training tower within the allocated budget. The supplier is an UK company and their price quote fits within the budget, including any unexpected costs, related to the Brexit situation and possible additional taxes for imported equipment. PP3 plans to launch the tender in the beginning of December.

3. Discussion on the possible request for extension of the project implementation period – reasons, how many months would we need to request for extension, possible risks with/without extending the project implementation after the 01.09.2021

The main issue that will require extension of the implementation period according to the partners, is the situation, created by COVID – 19 measures, that prevent large groups of people from gather in the same place.

Thus the actual implementation of the training program is at the moment impossible to predict.

The other main issue is the procurement of the training tower by PP3. The optimal delivery period indicated by the supplier is between 4‐5 months after the contract has been signed. Additional time for setting up the tower may also be needed depending on the weather conditions.

The representative of PP4 remarked that in the best case scenario, if the COVID situation has been handled before the end of the present implementation period, the training itself could start in the winter months of 2020. Taking into account the often harsh weather conditions in those months both in Tutrakan and on the Romanian side of the border, there may not be any volunteers, wiling to submit themselves to such weather. PP3 is also in agreement with that conclusion.

4. Next steps for project execution – Setting up of next steps and short deadlines for execution of the project activities

The partners discussed and decided that the following next steps shall be implemented:

 A new Zoom PMT meeting shall be held if necessary at a later date.

 After the procurement procedure for the training tower has been completed and a contract with the supplier has been signed, the LP shall initiate the procedure for requesting extension of the implementation period with additional 9 months.