The project addresses the common challenges related to risk management and emergency response in the cross-border area of Romania and Bulgaria.
The aim is to improve the theoretical and practical readiness of the volunteering formations and to speed up their coordination and effective response in case of disaster in the region.
This will be achieved through the establishment of a specialized training center for volunteers in the village of Belitsa, Municipality of Tutrakan. The training center will be the first of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula, which will provide the full range of facilities needed for accommodation, training sessions and practical training

Basic activities:

Risk analysis on the cross-border area
Evaluation of the current situation and identification of opportunities for improvements in the area of risk management in the cross-border area. The results of the analysis will be used to develop a Volunteer Emergency Response Plan

Supply of specialized equipment
Delivery of a training tower for coaching and full body fire-fighting suits, which will be used for trainings of volunteers, will be provided in the project

Development of a joint training program for volunteers
Development of a Voluntary Emergency Response Plan: based on risk analysis in the cross-border region and during a 5 day workshop in Tutrakan.
Development of a joint program for training of voluntary response units in English, Bulgarian and Romanian languages

Construction of a training center for volunteers in the Municipality of Tutrakan
Reconstruction of a former school building in the village of Belitsa, Municipality of Tutrakan.
Provision of accommodation, administrative storage rooms, sport areas and sites, as well as a place for the training of Bulgarian and Romanian volunteers

Conducting trainings
Selection of volunteers from the cross-border region as participants in the project trainings: 144 Bulgarian and 72 Romanian volunteers, after meetings with local volunteer formations and administrations.
Conducting theoretical and practical trainings in Bulgaria and Romania to enhance the results of other project activities and to improve the theoretical and practical readiness of volunteering teams, as well as coordination and reaction in case of disaster in the cross-border area.
• 6 sessions for 216 volunteers in Tutrakan
• 2 sessions for the top 20 trainees in Constanta

Project management and publicity