Zoom project team meeting

The ad hock meeting of the project management team (PMT) was held via Zoom conference call on the 29th of October 2020. Members of the PMT of each partner participated, as well as representatives of the external project management company selected. The main experts from PP2 and PP3 that shall be engaged in the preparation of the training program for the joint preparation of the volunteers were also in attendance.

Overview of the present state of the situation on both sides of the border and their impact on the project implementation activities.

The LP presented the status of the construction activities for the training center in Belica and voiced concerns related to the delayed procurement activities for PP3. The possibility of making a request for extension of the project implementation period was presented along with the requirements of the procedure, that needs to be followed.

Work package T2 – Supply of specialized equipment

The representatives of PP3 explained the present situation in Romania – the IGSU has been engaged with the distribution of protective equipment throughout the country as a priority, so procurement procedures where delayed.

The PP3 presented the main issue in procuring the training tower for implementation of the project activities – the supplier, who provided the quote during the preparation of the project application is no longer able to provide the equipment due to the current situation, because they have problems with acquiring the steel fittings for the construction due to interrupted supply chains in countries impacted the most by the pandemic. The team is currently in a process of finding a new supplier that could provide the equipment. The partner will have more information in the middle of November, so a new Zoom meeting was proposed to discuss the development when there are any.

Work package T3 – Development of a joint training program for volunteers

PP2, PP3 and PP4 voiced their concerns related with the implementation of the activity – the representatives of PP3 are currently forbidden to travel outside of the country, and the Bulgarian partners could not guarantee that a state of complete lockdown would not happen in the upcoming weeks related with the increased number of Bulgarian citizens that have contracted the virus and the alarming rate of the reported daily fatalities. Thus a face to face meeting in one place is currently impossible.

The experts that shall take part in development of the training program were also in attendance, so a discussion on the merits of attempting to perform the planned workshops as online conference meetings took place.

The partners voiced the concern that the expenses related to travel and daily allowances for the activity will need to be removed from the budget should all the meetings be performed via Zoom. The effectiveness of such format was also discussed.

PP3 proposed a couple of meetings to be held distantly in order to try out the viability of the platform and then the partners to make a decision on whether they shall continue the workshops online or wait for the situation to improve and reconvene at a later date.

Work package T4 – Conduct theoretical and practical trainings

The partners discussed in details the planned results and deliverables within the WP. The activities for the implementation of this package requires meeting and involvement of local formations of volunteers and administrations in BG and RO.

For the moment meetings have not been performed due to the restrictions of travel and large gatherings of people.

Work package C – Communication

The partners discussed in details the implementation status of the included activities, the achieved results and deliverables, as each partner presented its progress in the activity so far.

The need for updating the project site with the news of any activities was reminded.

Work package C – Communication

The partners discussed and decided that the following next steps shall be implemented:

A new Zoom PMT meeting shall be held in the middle of November to discuss the progress on the procurement procedures of PP3 and the possible need to request an extension of the project implementation period.
A separate Zoom meeting shall be held on the 12th of November 2020 in order for the experts of PP2, PP3 and PP4 to discuss in detail the development of the training program based on the
prepared Risk analyze for the cross‐border region.